A few notes for Gavin

Uploading your menu .pdf's

Login, go to the dashboard, then click on "Media" and then "Files". You will see all the menus there.
Take a note of the names, they must be exactly the same filename...






Delete the files that you will be replacing - tick the box next to them, selecting all that you want to replace, click the dropdown list on "Bulk Actions" and select "Delete Permanently". Click "Apply" just to the right.

Upload your new files - Click the "Add New" button at the top, to the right of Media Library. Make sure the folder "Files" is selected in the dropdown box. Click on "Select Files" and select the files you are uploading. That should be it!!


If you want to change any images, make sure the images you're using are the exact same size as the ones you are replacing...


All header type images - the ones at the top of the page, whether in a slideshow or not, are 1380 pixels x 600 pixels.

The image in the footer is 1920 pixels x 1280 pixels

All product images are 600 pixels x 600 pixels.


Images in the sample menu on the home page are 380 pixels x 325 pixels

The pic for the seafood nights is actually a header image - 1380 pixels x 600 pixels.

The other 2 images on the home page are 380 pixels x 500 pixels.


The pic of you on the about us page is 800 pixels x 800 pixels.


The pictures for the slideshow on the Hidden Gem page are 820 pixels x 986 pixels.


Changing text/images

To change anything on a page, go to the Dashboard, click on Pages and find the page you want to change. If you hover over the title, you will see a menu - pick "Beaver Builder". This will open the page in an editing mode. You can either click the spanner icon of the block you want to edit, or just click inside the block, and the editor should open up.

All text is under the "General" tab, which should be open by default. There will usually be two parts - the heading and the description. Editing is just the same as any word processor. If the text is underlined, it usually means that it is a link, you can click on the text to change or remove the link. If you make a fuck up, just click "Cancel" at the bottom, if you get it right click "Save".

Images are just the same, they are listed under the "general" tab. Click on "Edit" to the right of the thumbnail and that will take you to the Media Library, where you can choose a photo, or upload a new one.

When you have finished all your editing, click on "Done"in the top right hand corner, then "Publish". If you have really fucked up by this stage, you can click on "Discard" instead, then "OK".

Menu Pages

It's easy to change the Special(s) on the Evening Carry-out Menu page... go to the Menu page, Beaver Builder, and click on the spanner icon or in the text of the special, and change it to whatever you want. There is one special there at the moment, but I have left the box underneath it in case you have 2 specials again...   just hover your mouse around underneath the special you can see, and you will see the outline of the other box, with the spanner icon 🙂 Add whatever you want in there and change ~Special to Specials -it'll take 2 minutes max!! 

If you want to add another special - like I did today (and same for menu items etc.) go to the "+" sign top right hand and click on it. Select Rows - two columns. Click on that and drag it to where you want the new text - like directly below the last special item. That will give you two columns - one for the menu item and one for the price. We need to do it like this otherwise it gets fucked up when changing to mobile. Once you've done that, you can go to the item box directly above, click to the right of the spanner icon on the two boxes. This will duplicate that item, then you can drag it into your new column. To drag it,use the cross-type icon to the left of the spanner. Do the same for the price into the other column, then all you have to do is edit them to say the right thing 🙂

It's the same for changing all the other menu items as well, just remember if you want to leave a box blank, go to the title box and hit the spacebar a few times so it thinks you've typed something in there - that way the empty box will still be there next time if you need it.

Updating Products

Login, select  Products from the list on the left hand side. There are 3 pages of products, you can just scroll through to find what you want, or you can select a category from the dropdown list on the top row, then hit "Filter" at the end of the row. As you hover over the top of the product, you will see the menu, just click on edit. 

The description is the first thing you come to - if you're editing that, make sure at the top of the box "visual" is selected, that way you will see exactly how it's going to look on the page.

As you scroll down the page, you will see "Product data". If it's clothing, it'll say "Variable product" - that is for the different sizes. If you are increasing/decreasing the stock here, you'll need to click on the tab that says "Variations", then click on the number (eg: #4860) of the size you want to increase/decrease, and you will see the box that says "Stock quantity". Change it there, then go back up to the "Inventory " tab and change the total stock quantity as well - that tells you the total of all sizes for that poduct. and is changed automatically when you sell something on the website.

You can also change the size or weight for the shipping here, if you find the postage calculator isn't working properly.

If you scroll further down, you'll see where you can change the images. The first one is the main image, then the ones below it are the others you see on the page.

The thing that says "Rank Math SEO" is for search engine optimization. I've gotten the scores from 4/100 to where they are all over 50/100, but it's very time consuming and I find some of their suggestions ridiculous!! You're welcome to try increasing that in your spare time... it's all pretty self explanatory. A common "error" they flag is "Content is 39 words long. Consider using at least 600 words." Well, I don't know about you, but I have 600 words to describe a burgundy t-shirt!!

When you're done, don't forget to scroll back up and hit "Update" on the right hand side.


If you click on an order, you can view all the details of it. On the right hand side, you can put a note on the order , send out an invoice and a couple of other things you probably won't use. If you're adding a note, it can either be private, or you'll see a drop down box where you can send it to the customer. I tried it out and it sends the order details again, with a note at the top - might be handy. By default it is just private for you though.


On the left, directly under the date, there is a drop down list for the status, you can change it to completed, cancelled, whatever you like. You can also do this without opening the order, just tick the box beside the order(s) you want to change, then select whatever status you want in the drop down list "Bulk Actions" at the top.


If you actually want to refund it, you have to scroll down a bit further, and you will see the button to refund.


Don't forget to "Update" on the right hand side to save all your changes!

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